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Doug Starr 

Doug Starr

Doug Starr is the owner and primary guide. If his bio was up to Doug, all he would say is "I've outfitted for 20 years and let the pictures speak for themselves”. It is true Doug has outfitted for 20 years, and for good reason; his passion is hunting. As the grandson of a game and fish officer his interest was piqued early with stories of hunting, trapping, and fishing. Doug has transformed his love of hunting and the out-doors into a first class guide service. Doug enjoys seeing the look on a successful hunters face and loves to send him or her home with a trophy and a story.


Starr Guide Services has assembled a first class pack of assistants; his hounds. Doug searches for the best of blood lines to enhance his pack. Perseverance and dedication has made him a discernible judge of a worthy pack of hounds. These hounds help ensure a successful Lion or Bear hunt.